Donation Update March 2017

We have are very proud to announce that we have now donated to our 150th, 151st and 152nd animal rescue this week.  we donated to the Calgary Humane Society made from leashes recycled from Mission Cliffs climbing gym.  we also donated Leashes made from ropes from Joseph and marc from santa cruz.  Their leashes have been donated to the Santa Cruz spca and the santa cruz county animal society.

Thank you Mission Cliffs, joseph and marc for your donation!

If you are looking for a rescue pup please check out the full list of rescues we work with at our Community and rescues page

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What we do at Dog Patch SF:

We at Dog Patch SF focus on making high quality, eco-friendly dog products that benefit our pets while donating to over 150 different animal rescues from San Francisco to Ecuador.

Currently we offer durable dog leashes made from recycled climbing rope, arborist rope and nautical line.  Each leash is named after the climber and has the history of where the rope has been.

Our "Ropes for Rescues" recycling program was set up to give life to old ropes that would otherwise end up in our landfills.

We donate 20% of the leashes we make to the animal rescue of the climber's choice and each leash tells the story of who the climber's are that donated the rope and where they have used the rope to climb.  Together we have donated to over 140 Rescues from California to the Galapagos Islands!

Dog Patch SF

We are a small San Francisco based company that focuses on our passion for dogs while keeping the environment in mind.  With continued support we look forward to helping out even more of our canine companions in the future.